Since 2004

Deep Blue Seafoods  since its inception has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between the buyers and the sellers. Based in the Biggest Port City of Pakistan  , Karachi, DBS has made a place for itself based on commitment, Integrity and its unbiased dedication to quality assurance.

 With years of Experience under its belt the Management of DBS has always realized the value of Customer and has always understood the requirements of Global markets. It appreciates the uniqueness of each customer and his clients.

 A dedicated team of Quality inspectors Ensure that there are no surprises for the buyer. DBS network for trading is linked with the best in work ethics processors in the Country while its processing system ensures maintaining balanced quality products consistently.

We have operated Deep Sea Fishing vessels In the EEZ of Pakistan.

We at DBS make long-term friends not clients. With a long history of never losing a client is what makes us Proud a legacy we plan to leave behind.

I am a firm believer that Hard work and Dedication to ones commitments always pays off. Standing firmly by the guiding principles on which our Company was Formed we are Alhumdolillah Growing steadily. From Raw material Procurment till the final product processing our team under my guidance is full committed and focused. We stand firmly by our Product, our confidence in what we produce speak volumes. Our Clients have stood by us even when markets are tough because of the strong relationship that we have developed with them which only comes if you respect their commitments also. Quality, Process control and Client Understanding are the main parameters that religiously follow.

I have been involved in Seafood Business for the last 20 odd years. Even from the very beginning I made my paramount objective to understand the buyers Quality requirements and ensure that he never get any surprises when he receives our cargo. This Principle was always close to my heart and thus in all 20 years I have never lost a customer. I would rather not ship the product unless it fulfils the clients requirements. My message to My Team has been very clear. Focus on Customers satisfaction believe in your product Because my belief is that People Don’t buy Goods and services they buy Relationships. Your are either remarkable or you are invisible.